What is the Most Trusted HVAC System Brand in America?

When it comes to selecting an HVAC system, trust is a paramount consideration for consumers. They want to be sure that their investment in a reliable and efficient system will last for years to come. To help them make an informed decision, Lifestory Research conducted a study to identify the most trusted HVAC system brand. The results of the study revealed that Trane earned the highest score and ranking on the Net Trust Quotient Score among the HVAC system brands included in the study. The Net Trust Quotient (NTQ) is a metric used by Lifestory Research to measure brand trust.

All of the brands included in the study obtained an average score of 100. To be considered a top candidate for recognition, a brand must obtain sufficient survey responses to reach a 95 percent trust level. Once trust levels have been determined, the results of the survey are compared with those of peer organizations of similar size and complexity.Sponsored content is a special paid section where companies in the industry offer high-quality, objective, non-commercial content on topics of interest to the ACHR news audience. If you're interested in participating in this sponsored content section, contact your local representative. On Demand webinars are also available to discuss recent updates on natural refrigerant R-290 and its impact on the HVACR industry.

With this information, consumers can make an educated decision when selecting an HVAC system.

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